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Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Center in Montana

Our addiction treatment center in Montana has a team of experts dedicated to you and your wellness. Addiction, substance abuse, and mental health problems are not just hard on the person who is struggling. Individuals and families alike require healing, and hope is possible. At Northwind Wellness, we offer comprehensive alcoholism and drug addiction programs and mental health treatment with a family-oriented strategy. We are a team committed to you, your recovery, as well as your general wellness. Using proven treatments and therapies designed to support long-term sobriety, we have helped many individuals and families find the strength, healing, and tranquility they needed. If you want to learn more concerning our addiction and mental health treatment services in Montana, please do not wait. Contact us today.

How We Help
We comprehend the partnership between addiction and mental health, so we provide programs that attend to all elements of the individual. Our aim is to offer comprehensive recovery to ensure that you can move forward on the path to long-term sobriety. We provide personalized treatments for those coping with all types of substance use disorders through intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization, including alcohol and drug addiction. We also help those working with a range of mental health conditions, comprising depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. We consider your particular circumstance, your relationships, as well as your needs before creating a treatment program around your life.
What You Can Expect
At Northwind Wellness, our clients get high-quality, intensive care in a welcoming, stigma-free environment. Clients live in the house and commute to our facility numerous times a week to participate in different therapies and therapies. This enables them to continue essential familial relationships as well as establish vital life abilities while at the same time obtaining the treatment and also support they require. Effective addiction, as well as mental health treatment, are as unique as the person. As soon as you have completed the first intake process, our personnel will certainly work directly with you to develop a treatment strategy focused on your requirements and goals. Our company believes in the power of community assistance, which is why we work to include your relative or essential loved ones during the recuperation process. By doing this, we help you and your family unify as a joined front, providing you with ongoing assistance and a clear path toward healing.
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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of medications in conjunction with counseling and behavioral therapies.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Addiction Therapy

Northwind Wellness offers many addiction therapy programs. Our addiction therapy programs work to identify the underlying issues causing a person to use, then we work from there. Most addiction treatment programs do not make an effort to dig that deep with people or customize their treatment plans as we do here.

Drug Therapy

Addiction Treatment

We offer various addiction treatment programs. One of the central focuses of our addiction treatment programs is that we work to uncover the underlying issues first and then work forward from there. Northwind Wellness knows that everything, including what causes the problems, must be addressed for a sustainable recovery.

Anxiety Therapy

Alcohol Treatment

The longer you wait to seek help, the harder your alcohol use disorder will be to treat. A quality alcohol addiction treatment can help you take the first steps towards getting clean and reclaiming your independence. Northwind Wellness offers some of the most efficient treatments and therapies to help individuals heal and recover from alcohol abuse.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

The anxiety some experience is intense. Intense feelings of anxiety often lead to persistent and unwarranted feelings of worry and fear. People with severe anxiety worry about anything and everything, and it becomes a damper on everyday life. This is where anxiety treatment programs step in to help at Northwind Wellness.

Drug Treatment Therapy

Opiate Treatment

Opiate addiction impacts millions of people across the nation of all different ages. Unfortunately, this problem could occur even if you properly use your opiate medications. Admission into a detox center is the first step towards overcoming opiate addiction.

Drug Treatment

Meth Treatment

Meth is a powerful drug that is difficult to stop using. However, a meth addiction treatment center can help get you in the right direction. Northwind Wellness offers substance abuse treatment programs that provide the support you need to overcome your meth addiction.

depression treatment

Cognitive Behavioral

CBT helps people identify, challenge, and transform distorted beliefs and negative, irrational thoughts into empowering, genuine, and positive ones. Change can result in depression, anxiety, and even physical pain no longer ruling their lives.

depression treatment therapy

Depression Treatment

Depression is succumbing to low feelings, constant mood swings, and anxiety. Sad feelings are unavoidable, especially when going through hard times like mourning the loss of a loved one. Depression treatment center programs play a vital role in curbing depression.

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